Stainless steel products in Novosibirsk

Stainless steel – is one of the most common materials in modern industry, energy, construction, design and everyday life. Products from it have gained popularity due to the unique properties of this material, which include:

  • resistance to mechanical stress: high pressure and its drops, vibrations, shock loads, etc.;
  • resistance to high and low temperatures and temperature drops;
  • high corrosion resistance and the ability to work in aggressive environments;
  • long service life;
  • environmental friendliness and hygienic cleanliness;
  • aesthetics.

Our company offers a wide range of stainless steel products for use in various sectors of the economy: from mechanical engineering and transportation of liquids and gases, including aggressive ones, to construction, housing and communal services and other areas. We supply:

  • metal rental: calibrated circle, cold and hot-rolled sheet, stainless steel strip, stamped and hot-rolled corner;
  • stainless pipes round and profile;
  • fittings of various designs for installation of pipelines, components of mechanisms, equipment. These include bends, transitions, threes, bends, nipples, couplings, fittings, etc. In our assortment, welded fittings for creating fixed joints that provide almost complete tightness, and threaded fittings for creating durable, easily mounted and easy to maintain detachable joints;
  • stainless steel flanges welded, collar, free, flange plugs, as well as gaskets to ensure the tightness of flange joints;
  • locking fittings for controlling the flow of the working environment in pipelines: ball valves, filters, check valves, shutters and gate valves;
  • steel fasteners of various applications: bolts, nuts, washers, anker, clamps;
  • cutting and welding materials: electrodes for black and stainless steel, tungsten electrodes, welding wire, discs and brushes.

All products are of high quality and certified for compliance with Russian and international standards. A variety of models, a wide range of sizes and the availability of execution options will allow you to choose a product in accordance with the tasks and conditions of use. Our specialists will provide the necessary assistance in selecting the products you need, and the optimal price-quality ratio will make the acquisition even more attractive.